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I'm Stacey and this is my blog.
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I hardly reblog anything, so everything is me.
I post random rant's about my day and life.
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Nervous Habits

My dad gets pissed off with some of my nervous habits. He decided last night to tell me some of the ones he has noticed me doing.

  • Biting my nails - He cusses all the time at my nails, but I really don’t like long nails.
  • Biting the inside of my cheek - I wondered how he even knew I was doing it but apparently I pull these totally random faces and he just knows…
  • Running my hands through my hair
  • (this one is hard to explain) rubbing my left thumb against the edges of my nails on my left hard
  • Twisting my earrings.

Lol I don’t even get why half of these annoying me because it is not like I am making a lot of fuss or noise….
He always shout at me (in a nice way) “what are you nervous about now”
This happens very regularly, I must be nervous a lot of the time.  

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